Services by Red Hook

Red Hook Group provides sophisticated e-business systems and services that enable corporations to implement business strategies and develop corporate assets using best of breed technologies, development methodologies, and best practices.

Whether your requirements are for application development, enterprise architecture, or project consultation, Red Hook Group's members can take on all phases of your project or step in for specific assignments that need our business or technical expertise.

Red Hook's practices provide the foundation from which we develop our e-business solutions for the enterprise. Our enterprise frameworks can be leveraged on any engagement to simplify a project's architecture and development.

Development by Red Hook

Red Hook provides software development services to corporations across North America. Our team members are leading experts in Java (Desktop and Enterprise), XML and best practices.

The core business of the Red Hook Group is the development of innovative e-commerce and e-business solutions that provide business transformation goals through IT services. Our agile development process and core best practices combined with the Java programming language allow Red Hook to deliver the quality software our clients expect with the flexibility they need.

Red Hook provides a full cycle development process that includes requirement analysis, architecture and design, implementation and testing, as well as deployment and maintenance.

Our unique group composition allows us to give our clients the best possible solution through a combination of business and technical acumen, as well as a broad base of IT skills including technical writing, database design and administration, enterprise technology, UI design, mentoring, training development, coaches, and business analysts.

Mentoring by Red Hook

As your mentor, we provide expert advice and guidance in all aspects of software development.

Our Java technologists have been involved with many high-profile software projects and can provide valuable advice throughout the life cycle of your project. We can help develop a process that makes efficient use of your resources, provide tutoring on specific technologies, and suggest approaches to solve problems.

Our software architects can help design a solution to meet your needs. Our architects have worked through the design phase of many large-scale, cutting-edge projects and can help you overcome the first hurdle in a large project.

Our mentors will help your team deliver results, and provide them with the knowledge and the tools to excel in future projects.