Who are we

Red Hook Group is an organization of seasoned professionals specializing in the development of sophisticated e-commerce and e-business applications using a variety of technologies. The Red Hook team's goal is the development of a solution that allows you to transform your business goals through the use of proven business and development practices with clear results concerning quality, productivity, and innovation.

Many of the Red Hook Group's members are specialists in their fields, giving talks and seminars at conferences and organizations around the world. Since the success of your venture is the highest priority to our organization, we ensure that the technologies, methodologies, and services we provide allow us to meet your requirements without constraint.

Expanding Horizons

Red Hook is driven by a philosophy - the ability to deliver quality software that is robust, flexible, and scalable while maintaining cost and scope. Projects are managed through the application of simple business basics: phased delivery, communication, articulation of requirements, and specialists for special tasks. Solutions are driven by business decisions supported by technical information detailing risk and cost.